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This guy was a sick serial killer and he was finally stopped mainly because of the persistence and good work of one officer. When Hansen drove up to Paulson and propositioned her, she agreed to get into his car. I, Cindy Paulson, make the following voluntary taped interview at the Alaska State Troopers on todays date. My email is It is called hell. Twitter Known as the "Butcher Baker", Hansen kidnapped and assaulted women before flying them to remote areas in the Alaskan wilderness in his private plane. Hometown: Born and raised in Sigourney. (Source: Alaska Department of Public Safety). #WhoIsButcherBaker, Investigation Discovery (@DiscoveryID) August 22, 2020. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I fully understand how you mustve felt and I am truly happy you found peace and happiness. Below is Installment One. There was also growth in the number of drug dealings, sex workers, and other criminal opportunities. Upon returning to Iowa at the age of 21, he once more began working for his imperious father and soon he met a young woman and married her in the summer of 1960. One question I have is how could Hansen fly a plane out of that airport with no license? Her boyfriend said the last time he saw her, she was going to meet with an unidentified client who had offered her quite a bit of money to pose for nude photos. They divorced on month day 1999, at age 42 at divorce place, Texas. And then, we would be back, so I would be back by around 11 oclock in the afternoon (sic). And then he kept telling me, you know calm you know, if I would be OK he wont hurt me. View Cindy Bennett results in Tualatin, OR including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages. According to the movie credits that was the first time Paulson agreed to publicly share her story. July 17, 2017 Admin 19 Comments. ~ Why Is Bisexuality an Invisible Majority in the LGBTQ Community? . Can you imagine the fear they felt.. Along with the workers, growth in family populations took place. . Salem. How Did Robert Hansens Wife & 2 Kids Have No Idea He Was a Serial Killer? . She was identified as Joanna Messina, a cannery worker. He took her in, bought her nice clothes and gave her jewelry. Discovery Id came out with their documentary on halloween. Around this time, Hansens choice of criminal activity changed and he developed almost kleptomaniac tendencies. I was alone on the road when headlights were on me. And they took me to the Big Timber where I was stayin. And I described everything he had on and exactly to what he did on the bear skin. Heres Walter Gilmour on that topic. not now, after all that had been revealed about . Glenn Flothe attend the UK Premiere of The Frozen Ground at Vue West End on July 17, 2013 in London, England. She was working to get her masters degree in education. Menu. R. I have watched this movie over 100 times and cant believe the courage of Cindy. Kuhnhausen, 51, walked upstairs to their shared bedroom when a man hiding behind the door jumped out and attacked her with a claw hammer. She was born in nearby Monticello, Florida to Florence Deanna Barber and Winford Denonie Buddy Barber on October 25, 1961. Though it would be another four months or so until Hansen was finally arrested for his horrific crimes against women, Cindy Paulsons escape and resulting testimony gave police the break they needed to identify a suspect for the rash of unsolved murders in the Anchorage area from the past decade. My heart goes out for you. What he told law enforcement in 1984 when he was caught after an 18-year-old named Cindy Paulson escaped before he could get her on the plane, . It does not matter that they were prostitutes. I am going to turn the tape off for a minute. Glenn Flothe. Around this time, Hansen became an increasingly skilled hunter and broke several records for taking down the biggest dahl sheep. The best result we found for your search is Cindy Paulson age 70s in Stetsonville, WI. He would toy with them, allowing them to believe they had escaped, before killing them. And you know, I said, OK, fine, thats good. And I acted like I wanted to go. Truly heartbreaking, So sorry for your loss. Cant imagine what they had to go through either. Very brave young woman, and what great work and dedication from all the men in the investigating team! Less than an hour after Cindy Paulson escaped Hansen, she was in a police car, headed for the hospital, as is standard protocol for a victim of sexual assault. What girl is gonna go and do this? Stayed with him though he was verbally abusive to her and the children.. By the time Robert Hansen was 13, he was a loner in school with very few friends. A seasoned prostitute, even at such a young age, Paulson reluctantly agreed to go with Hansen to his house . She had been engaging in sex work. Cynthia Paulson's passing on Friday, January 21, 2022 has been publicly announced by Williams-Thomas Funeral Home Downtown in Gainesville, FL.Legacy invites you to offer condolences and share memories During this time, Hansen often felt powerless under his fathers harsh control and his mothers acquiescent attitude of the situation. God has a place for him. Glenn Flothe and his wife, Cheryl, after her successful kidney transplant in 2007. interview with Alaskan State Trooper Sgt. I have now lost her again to the streets and pimps whereabouts unknown. It was easy enough to get the registration information from the airport along with the owners name, Robert Hansen. Current address. A seasoned prostitute, even at such a young age, Paulson reluctantly agreed to go with Hansen to his house instead of the initial deal he offered, which was $200 to give him oral sex in his car, according to Paulsons interview with Alaskan State Trooper Sgt. [Darla] visited him in jail, kids in tow, though even Bob knew it was profoundly humiliating for her. Completed High School . In 1963 he married Darla Marie Henrichsen Hansen. Hansen turned around, and saw her escape. Episode SummaryWhen 17-year-old Tracy Kirkpatrick is found murdered in March 1989 . He gave her a ride to a motel, where she waited for her pimp, and called the police. Found in her grave was a .223 cartridge. Family: Married to Curt Paulson, three children: Son Brett and his wife Dara who live in in Dubai and work for Musco; daughter Angie and her husband Cory Phillips, who live in Oklahoma and have two children; son Matt Keep, who lives in Tama and has one daughter. We were building a house by the Knik river when this was happening. When Paulson was found running barefoot and handcuffed by a trucker and taken to a hotel at her request, police showed up after the trucker called them. You thought you were doing something with this post. Listen to the horrific tale of how Robert Hansen would take his love of hunting to a whole new level. The true crime film stars John Cusack and Nicolas Cage, and has many fans wondering about the real serial killer, Robert Hansen, who inspired the movie's events. Better than that, there are the words of Sgt. Paulsons story pointed to Hansen as a suspect. Very courageous women! I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. Cindy Paulson, Actress: A/S/L: Age Sex Location. That did not happen. What he told law enforcement in 1984 when he was caught after an 18-year-old named Cindy Paulson escaped before he could get her on the plane, was that he would sometimes fly his victims, often prostitutes, to a cabin in the wilderness where he would send them into the woods and then track and hunt them. In February 1984, Hansen plead guilty to killing four women and was sentenced to more than 400 years in prison. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 Butcher Baker Primer WordPress theme by, Cindy Paulson & Glenn Flothe: Setting the Record Straight. Rather than go to a hospital, she asked him to take her to a motel. Profession: Retired from the postal service. To expect otherwise is simply ridiculous. in Minot, ND ; in ND . However, an observant security guard took notice of Hansens strange behavior and wrote down his license plate and car model. He said Merrill Air Field. Cindy has been found in 2 states including Nebraska, Washington. I cannot imagine the hell those poor girls went through. This lady survived a horrendous attack that unfolded many circumstances that ultimately lead to catching a monster. All throughout the mid seventies and even into the eighties Robert carried on with his hobby of abducting and murdering women, and there's no telling how much longer he would've lasted had he not decided to attack a 17 year old girl by the name of Cindy Paulson in June of '83. Powered by. Cindy Paulsen escaped serial killer Robert Hansen. The truck driver stopped, took her in, and even convinced her to go to the police station. FLOTHE: How long was he gonna keep you? Eventually, Hansen drove the two of them to a local airfield, Merrill Field airport, where his plane was waiting. He settled into a quiet lifestyle with his wife and welcomed two children into the world in quick succession. Malai Larsen 25 Teresa Watson 22 Angela Feddern 24 Her body was found at Figure Eight Lake. His crimes numb the mind.. We were driving down to the Merrill Airfield and we get to the airport and in the passenger seat he had a rope and a gun. One of itscore mythologies involves the relationship between Cindy Paulson and Glenn Flothe. where Hansen was incarcerated. Im assuming 50Cent wasnt there either. He was getting caught for those attacks, so he began targeting sex workers, who wouldnt be missed. And then when the police came I showed him his airplane. I saw the documentary on ID channels Ice Cold Killers. She pressed charges and at trial, Dr. Langdon reported that Hansen experienced periods of dissociation and recommended that he receive counseling and be put in a work-release program. Take a right at the [inaudible] and you go all the way down to a blue house on the right hand side, just past the Veterans Home. Robert Hansen. I often think of her living relatives, her mother, her family etc. I guess I missed the entire lived with Glenn Fothe part of the movie. Cindy Paulson is on Facebook. She was born in nearby Monticello, Florida . And he had called me and I slept through it. ~ Wheelchairs & Airlines: Why Is Flying So Risky for Those With Disabilities? Hours later Paulson ended up escaping from Hansens car when he was unloading items onto the plane, telling Flothe, [I decided] to wait till we get to the airport. Real Estate Professional serving Treasure Valley and surrounding cities, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Nampa, Middleton. While it is an undeniably beautiful place to live, it is rife with crime and i have seen many of my friends that I grew up with turn to a destructive lifestyle as they spend more time there..i am so grateful to have escaped with my life. Cindy Paulson was 18 when she escaped Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen in 1983. One night she picked up a small, skinny client with a pock-marked face who wore glasses and spoke with a stutter.

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